The Crispy Beginnings of the First Potato Chip

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In the savory realm of snack history, one snack in particular stands out– the potato chips. Legend has it that the beloved potato chip was born out of an unexpected kitchen experiment in the 19th century, attributed to the ingenious Chef George Crum of Saratoga Springs, New York. In honor of one of our favorite salty snacks, join us this month as one of your favorite Nashua restaurants shares the origins of the potato chip!

The Culinary Maestro: George Crum

Our story begins with George Crum, known for his culinary skills at Moon’s Lake House, a popular resort in Sarasota Springs during the mid-1800s. Crum’s reputation as a skilled chef had already spread far and wide, making Moon’s Lake House a sought-after destination for those seeking exquisite dining experiences. 

Complaining Customer and the Thick Fries

One day, a particularly discerning customer at Moon’s Lake House ordered a plate of fried potatoes. However, it seemed that pleasing every palate was no easy feat, no matter how skilled a chef may be. The customer found fault with the thick-cut fries, claiming they were too soggy and lacked the crispiness he desired. 

George Crum took this culinary critique as a challenge rather than a setback. Determined to satisfy the demanding customer, Crum decided to thinly slice the potatoes, fry them to a crisp, and generously season them with salt. Little did he know this simple act would set in motion the creation of a snack that would capture the taste buds of generations to come.

The Birth of the Potato Chip

To Crum’s surprise, the thinly sliced, crispy potatoes were an immediate hit with the complaining customer and other diners at Moon’s Lake House. The accidental creation quickly gained popularity and earned its place as a coveted item on the menu. 

Word of this creation spread like wildfire, and soon, potato chips became a sought-after snack beyond the confines of Saratoga Springs. The legend of the potato chip’s accidental invention had begun its journey into culinary history.

From Moon’s Lake to Every Corner of the Globe

The humble potato chip, born out of a chef’s determination to meet a demanding customer’s expectations, has come a long way since that day in Saratoga Springs. Today, potato chips are an ever-present snack, available in countless flavors and variations and enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide.


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