Nashua Restaurants Are Talking About Ricotta

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One of the things we love about ricotta is its versatility to enhance numerous dishes whether it’s pizza, desserts, and more. That’s why we’re talking about all things ricotta including its roots, variations, and more at Soprano’s Pizza!

Nashua Takeout Or DIY Buffalo Chicken – We Got You.

Here in Nashua, takeout is a big deal. Whether lunch or dinner, the options are vast. However, finding a restaurant that lives up to your expectations can be tricky. Good thing you found Sopranos Pizzeria! That said, we also realize that sometimes hanging in and cooking is what the night calls for. However, cooking isn’t […]

3 Events Perfect For NH Catering

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There is a lot that goes into planning an event. After a while, all of the stress can come after you and leave you feeling stressed or even panicked when things don’t go right. Our cooks and crew at Sopranos Pizzeria understand the struggles you can go through during the planning process and want to […]